Micro Equity


What if low and moderate income people owned, generated, distributed, consumed and prospered from energy?  

What if low and moderate income people were leaders at the forefront of a new energy frontier?  

What if?  

Why not?



Micro EquityTM changes the rules on how wealth is created!

Wealth as an individual condition is something that impacts a limited number of people. Wealth creation has traditionally been a singular activity engaged by one person that improves that person’s life and through that one person, other lives are improved. But rarely has wealth creation been pursued on a large scale, by millions of individuals collectively, bettering their circumstances all at once. Even rarer, has the opportunity for wealth creation been provided to low and moderate income people. This is where Sovereign Systems and our notion of  Micro EquityTM is fundamentally different!

Micro EquityTM is the economic principle of leveraging small annual investments from a broad base of people. This small investment provides ownership (equity) to each person. Micro EquityTM is a new way of growing wealth in a global economy.

The theory of Micro EquityTM is as follows:  While low to moderate income people may not have $50,000 individually to invest in a project, there are 5,000 low to moderate income people who can each invest $10! This is the power of the collective! The aggregate of small investments enable low to moderate income people to have great influence over the areas that impact that lives – energy, food, transportation, banking & finance, medical care, and technology!

Sovereign Systems believes that the proper path for wealth creation should be sought in the collective, not as individuals. An individual may become rich yet the collective will still be lacking. But when the collective acquires wealth, we are all individually enriched.

Micro EquityTM is the practical application of the collective wealth strategy; it is true to both its intent and its impact on the lives of low to moderate income people.

Micro EquityTM  is the foundation for an economic revolution!